About the Brand

Know How

Experienced and developed productive techniques, over the last years, close with the knowledge and full domain on the different stages of the production process.


Total concern about the overall quality we present on results of our final product. Total competence and control at all stages of the process, ensuring the highest standards of demand.


The competitivety we maintain face to high quality levels, based on the ability to maintain full rationalization and strict management of the production process.


Working on the present, we always keep the future in our horizon. The only way to maintain high performance and the market identified with our project.


Formatted for perfection, we are true alternative, guaranteed by the dedication of a highly committed team with the project and the result of final product.

About the Team

More about our team work.

Meia Suspensa Team
Meia Suspensa Team
Meia Suspensa Team
Meia Suspensa Team
Meia Suspensa Team

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